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Certificate Offerings


The CySER training program will be formalized under three new certificate offerings at WSU.  Proposals for the new certificates are being submitted to WSU Faculty Senate for approval in Fall 2021. The certificate offerings are expected to commence starting Spring 2022.   

  • CySER CAE-CO Fundamentals Certificate
    • Targeted for BS in Computer Science (or Software Engineering) students interested in specializing in cybersecurity
    • Led by the School of EECS
  • CySER Basic Certificate 
    • Targeted for non-CS majors and ROTC Cadets interested in cybersecurity
    • Led by the Department of MISE 
  • CySER Advanced Certificate
    • Targeted for MS and PhD students (in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or any other science or engineering disciplines) whose research has significant focus on cybersecurity
    • Led by the School of EECS

CySER CAE-CO Fundamentals Certificate

Alongside the usual requirements for BS in CS, students aspiring to attain this certificate will meet additional requirements that includes:  

  • Taking 3 mandatory cybersecurity courses (9 credits) that currently are being designed 
    • CptS 327 Introduction to Cybersecurity 
    • CptS 427 Applied Cybersecurity and  
    • CptS 428 Advanced Cybersecurity
  • Taking at least 4 elective courses out of the following courses 
    • CptS 455 Introduction to Computer Architecture
    • CptS 460 Operating Systems and Computer Architecture
    • CptS 475 Data Science
    • CptS 415 Big Data
    • CptS 443 Human-Computer Interaction
    • CptS 466 Embedded Systems
    • CptS 464 Distributed Systems Concepts and Programming
    • Univ. of Idaho CYB 447 Computer and Network Forensics
    • CptS 478 Software Process and Management
    • EE 334 Computer Architecture
    • EE 434 ASIC & Digital Systems Design
    • EE 489 Introduction to Control Systems
    • MIS 374 IT Infrastructure & Security
  • Taking the CptS 421 and 423 Senior Design course sequence with a project focused on cybersecurity 
  • Engaging in cybersecurity related internship experience 
  • Involvement in CySER research
  • Attending the CySER summer workshop 
  • Attending CySER seminars 
  • Taking 1-2 semesters or equivalent of foreign language coursework (Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic or Persian)

Here is a helpful tracker of all courses for BS in Computer Science students at EECS aiming to get this certificate.

This certificate is tailored for CySER Goals. The full CAE-CO fundamental requirements are more comprehensive. A longer-term goal of WSU is to establish such certificate

CySER Basic Certificate 

This certificate is targeted for students from any major. The requirements for this certificate include: 

  • Taking CptS 111 Intro to Computer programming (this is a Python course). Students who have taken a course in another programming language, CptS 121 for example, are exempted from this requirement.
  • Taking MIS 372 Data Management (or UI’s CYB 110 Cybersecurity & privacy) 
  • Taking MIS 374 IT Infrastructure and Security 
  • Taking Sp. Prog 499 Capstone course focused on cybersecurity project 
  • Engaging in cybersecurity related internship experience 
  • Involvement in CySER research
  • Attending CySER workshop 
  • Attending CySER seminars      

CySER Advanced Certificate 

This is a graduate certificate that will be customized depending on the coursework and other requirements of the specific graduate degree program the student belongs to. A common requirement for all students aspiring to get this certificate is: 

  • Thesis research work should have some cybersecurity focus  
  • Engaging in cybersecurity related internship experience 
  • Mentor undergraduates in research